Errors and Troubleshooting

for SaberNet DCS 2.0

Title:SaberNet DCS Errors and Troubleshooting
Authors: Seth Remington <>
Matthew Ranostay <>
Date: 2013-06-05
Description:Documentation of common errors and what to do about it.


How To Troubleshoot

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when trouble shooting problems is to start the program (sndcsd, sndcs_gtk, etc...) from a console. There is a lot of output printed to standard out that is not necessarily logged to a file or otherwise seen if not started from a console. The first rule of thumb when trouble shooting is always run the program from the console. When asking for help or reporting a bug please provide the relevant output from the console.


For information on logging refer to the section in the Administrator's Guide

Where To Go For Help

If it is DCS related, please follow these steps:

Bug Reports

The following steps should be taken when reporting a bug:

  1. Make sure there isn't already a solution posted on the bug tracker or the forums.
  2. Also check to see if you are running the last version of DCS.
  3. Please include the trackback from the console with your report.
  4. Please write out a detailed description of the activities before and leading up to the problem.

Common Errors

  1. 'Unable to connect to Name Server'
  1. 'Too many connections'
  1. 'An error has occured. The application will now terminate'

Windows (Vista/Windows7/Windows8) Client Firewall Troubleshooting

When you first load DCS and no firewall rules exist Windows will prompt you to select which type of connections are allowed (assume yours is already done if you don’t see Image 1). In the example below (Image 1) I selected everything and then hit “Allow Access”.

This works 95% of the time but if you are still having intermit heartbeats flatlines the solution may be to manually add a record allowing the port range that DCS uses into the firewall. Please see Image 2 onward for how to add the record only if you’re having heartbeat issues.

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Image 4


Image 5


Image 6


Image 7


Image 8


Restart the DCS client.

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