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Title:SaberNet DCS README
Authors: Seth Remington <>
Matthew Ranostay <>
Date: 2009-04-21
Description:Introductory information about SaberNet DCS.



SaberNet DCS (Data Collection System) is an enterprise labor data collection system designed with efficiency in mind. Optimized for bar code input, SaberNet DCS is the perfect way to automate and improve the accuracy of your time tracking. Works in stand-alone mode or with your ERP.

System Requirements

SaberNet DCS will run on Linux, win32, and most (if not all) POSIX compatible systems. In fact, since it is written in pure Python it should run on any architecture where Python is supported. Although it has only been extensively tested on Linux, Mac OS X and win32 at this time. Linux is the main development platform and so is probably the most stable platform to deploy on. We highly recommend it.


For installation instructions please refer to the Installation Guide.


For configuration instructions please refer to the Installation Guide.


For usage instructions please refer to the User Guide.


SaberNet DCS is a client/server style application with a database as a persistent storage back-end. There are multiple client frontends that can be run including a GTK+ (Linux, win32) and a web based frontend. More frontends should be forthcoming including a curses client. The server will run on both Linux and win32 systems. Multiple databases are supported including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. In theory, any database supported by MiddleKit (Project Link: should be usable but only those previously mentioned have been implemented. PostgreSQL and SQL Server support is mostly experimental at this time. The only currently fully tested RDBMS is MySQL.


SaberNet DCS development is hosted at SourceForge (Project Page: You can also check out CVS development by:

  1. Run 'cvs login' with no password.
  2. Run 'cvs -z3 co -P sndcs2' to check it out of the repository.


Bugs should be reported at our SourceForge bug tracker:

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