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Technical Support

Open source software does not mean unsupported software. Because the data that SaberNet DCS collects is critical, SaberLogic stands solidly behind SaberNet DCS with full array of support options.

Do you have questions or need technical support? Here are your options:
  • Simply log onto the SaberNet DCS project page on Sourceforge. You may search within the forum for the answer to your question or submit a support request. This level of support is provided to you at no cost.
    Support Tiers
  • Silver Tier - Hourly phone support, with 24 hour response time. ($110/hr)
  • Gold Tier - Block time support with 8 hour response time. ($150/hr or 10 hours for $1,250)
  • Platinum Tier - Corporate support with 4 hour response time. ($190/hr or 25 hours for $4,125)

Do you need SaberNet DCS installed at your facility? Here are you options:

  • On-site Installation Services - $150/hr plus travel expenses
  • Remote Server Installation Services - $110/hr

We will install and configure SaberNet DCS at our facility and ship the server to your site. Once the server has been installed into your network and VPN or other access provided, we will help to complete any installation and configuration remotely.

SaberLogic provides the following supplementary services:

  • Needs assessment
  • Specification of hardware
  • Purchase and installation of hardware
  • SaberNet DCS installation
  • Training for users and administrators
  • Integration with ERP (enterprise resource planning) software
  • Integration with payroll systems
  • Custom report development using Crystal Reports
  • Report automation

Do you need SaberNet DCS customized for your specific business application?

Do you need SaberNet DCS training for end users, administrators or developers?


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